Hair coloring

Full highlight/ babylights
A lightening bleach process with full head placement to produce brighter results throughout your hair. Adding dimensions to increase the amount of highlights all over and maintain some of your natural color.

Partial highlights
Same process as babylights/ highlights but only done at the crown , Mohawk section and face frame . This service should be done within 6-8 weeks from your last full highlight/ babylights.

Global Lightening
A two process color application: bleach and a toner for all over solid blonde or platinum results.

Bleach and Tone root retouch
A root retouch with bleach and a toner. This is a retouch service when your last bleach and tone is within 6 weeks.

Color Glaze
A toner or gloss to enrich your color between appointments.

Base color retouch
Single color application for roots only as a maintenance. Some of the goals are to cover grays roots , lighten natural roots or adding a darker roots (rootmelt)

All over color
Single color application applied to roots and through the ends

hair Treatments

Keratin Express smoothing treatment
The one-hour treatment helps eliminate frizz, cuts down daily styling time, makes blow-dry time faster and reduces curl up to three levels for up to six weeks.

Olaplex treatment
Olaplex stand alone treatment works on the molecular level to repair the bonds that make up our hair by restoring these bonds, to make hair stronger, healthier, and softer.

Cut & Styling

Classic women’s haircut

Clean cut & Style
Haircut and blow dry. Arrive to your appointment with clean hair to save time in your service.

Blow dry & style
Hair wash and blowout

Bang Trim / Face Framed
Shaping the the fringe area around the face

Cut & Styling

Before booking your first time extension appointment
We must have a consultation. In this appointment we determine how much hair and your desired outcome. We will book your extension appointment for later date in the salon. You will also be required to purchase the hair for your extensions can be $300-500+ at this appointment.

For Extentions retouch
Touch ups should be done 8 to 12 weeks depending on hair growth. Extensions may be reused and reinstalled with proper maintenance.